Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Laughing Nurse

Today I want to introduce one mode of treatment that is ‘laughing’. This therapy was introduced by ……..Relax I am not going in detail of it but I want to introduce somebody who is forcefully practicing it. She is the nurse of my OPD. There are many in our hospital but she is the head of them. Now I explain how she practices it. (I will use ‘HeHeHe’ for laughing.)
The day starts like this:
“Good morning doctor, ‘HeHeHe’.”
“Why the OPD is so dirty today, nurse?”
“I don’t know doctor. May be the attendant hasn’t come yet, ‘HeHeHe’.”
“Did you send request for repair of the machine?”
“No doctor, I was busy, ‘HeHeHe’.”
“O.k., send now.”
“Now? ‘HeHeHe’, O.k., ‘HeHeHe’.
“What happened? Why are you laughing?”
“Me? ‘ HeHeHe’. No I am not laughing, ‘HeHeHe’.”
“Then what is ‘HeHeHe’?
“HeHeHe HeHeHe’, it’s nothing. I am not laughing, ‘HeHeHe’.”
Sometimes when I am in resting room, she comes and says,
“Doctor there is a patient, ‘HeHeHe’.”
“O.k., I am coming.”
“Doctor there is a patient, ‘HeHeHe’.” (Perhaps she doesn’t listen to anything except her ‘HeHeHe’ or she wants to give me this therapy again and again.)
“O.k. sister, I am coming.”
“O.k. Doctor, please come quickly. ‘ HeHeHe’.”
If any of the doctors of DGH comes and asks about me or some other doctor of our department, she replies like this,
“I don’t know, ‘HeHeHe’, may be in OPD, ‘HeHeHe’ or in OPD director’s room ‘HeHeHe’ or in hospital director’s room, ‘HeHeHe’.”
“O.k., but wait……., who is sitting inside? This is the man whom I was looking for.”
“Oh, ‘HeHeHe HeHeHe’.” (long laughter of sorry)
When somebody calls in our OPD for any doctor, she replies,
“I don’t know where is he, ‘HeHeHe’ (even if that doctor is sitting in front of her) but who is calling? ‘HeHeHe’.”
“Oh, he is here ‘HeHeHe’.”
“Doctor, somebody is calling you ‘HeHeHe’.”
“What was his name?”
“Oh, he told me, ‘HeHeHe’. He was ……., oh no, he was……. ‘HeHeHe’.”
Then my response can only be, “Thank you very much sister, ‘HeHeHe HeHeHe HeHeHe HeHeHe………………”
( I think that after such a long laughter therapy we need some sort of crying therapy. If anybody knows where we can get it, let me know. I am a very needy person. For god sake please help me.)